Bug Out

Location, location, location: the prime requiste for value in the real estate industry. After that; quality, size, condition, and design of the improvements to the land. In a SHTF America scenario, where you are located may determine the chance of survival for you and your family, regardless of your preps.

Real estate terms like quality, size, condition, and design relate to the type, kind, and extent of the disaster we may face. If you live and work in a major metropolitan area, it may be wise to consider relocation to a smaller more distant community now or work toward that goal. If you cannot relocate, you may be able to acquire a "bug out" location away from the maddening crowds.

A cabin, condo, or manufactured home on your own land, that can serve as a getaway when the shit truly hits the fan, would be a smart investment. We recommend at least one acre in a small town; five acres for a family is preferred. This is enough land to garden, not enough to farm. Twenty to forty acre sites are common in some areas of the West and could be ideal, because a larger parcel would allow a private, man made lake to hold fish.

Not only is this enough land to live on and grow crops, but also enough land to keep the bad guys at a reasonable distance. Anyone trespassing to get to where you are dwelling: well, they are trespassers aren't they? This also gives you time and space to intercept them while on your property but away from your family. Obviously, an early warning detection system would be ideal, otherwise, a couple of large dogs would work well.

Eventually, we will all rendevous with a SHTF America event, as we are in the Last Days. And as a last resort, for  some, an abandoned mine, spring, cave, or a Wal Mart parking lot in a distant town, can serve as a bugout location. No doubt the lines to the bathrooms at Wal-Mart will be long, populated by those who thought an RV would be sufficient. It won't be. And the gasoline in your tank will only last so long. Try to fill up when supplies are cut? Good luck. Consider your options and plan accordingly, in advance.

Your shtf plan will determine the way you prep, and your estimation of the likely potential threat Level which you expect to encounter. (See our threat categories on the SHTF Teotwawki site. Follow the Link on this Page.)  We recommend that you prepare for the worse, pray for the best, and engage the entire family. With respect to where your best bug out location would be: go inside of yourself for guidence and sense the location that resonates with you. Spiritual guidance is free to everyone who is a sincere seeker of truth and walks the walk.

SHTF America could recommend a number of good locations, but as we have a large national and even international audience we are reluctant to make specific recommendations and find that those towns have been over run by outsiders. Generally speaking, evaluate the characteristics identified by the pages on our sister sites, where added with your own resources, abilities, and ingenuity; survival has a high probability.

Generally speaking, a good general always defends the high ground. In California, get above 5,000 feet.

In response to high demand for our recommendations we will provide as examples: Angelfire, Red River, Cimmaron, and Taos in New Mexico; Leadville, Wolf Creek Pass, Silverton, and Durango in Colorado.

SHTF America provides the names of these small towns because they serve as examples of out-of-the-way places that you have to be going to, to get there; that have wood fuel, plenty of game, and good water; and we are familiar with them all. There are thousands of small towns in good locations across the West, that have good survival characteristics.

At SHTF America, we believe that a location east of the Mississippi River is foolhardy. The locations that are mentioned above get very cold in the Winter and are recommended for only the heartiest of souls. Shelter will be your most important consideration in these locations.

If larger populations are not a personal problem for you, Tucson and Globe in Arizona are viable, as well as Silver City across the border in New Mexico. These towns ae more southernly situated and temperatures more mild than the others mentioned. Every location has its specific attributes, and therefore its distinct advantages and disadvantages. List them, measure them wisely, and consider your ability to adapt to them.

Tucson is included here only because Cayce labeled it a safe location during the Changes. With a population of around 500,000 souls, there are too many people and therefore too many non preppers there for US to be comfortable. Eventually, Cayce predicts, Tucson will be a major seaport.  SHTF America will wait until the first cruise ship docks to get on board with that. Pun intended.

In the Tucson area, get above 1800 feet. The City of Tucson is at 2200 feet of elevation.

All viable bug out locations get cold at night in the Winter, even those with mild temperatures. Exposure is always a threat and adequate shelter should be a priority. Make your SHTF plan accordingly. God speed.